Federal Labor Standards Make the Baseline of Employments Law

Whether you want to claim a severance or you want your employer to reconsider your termination, you have to consult a law firm that has lawyers with expertise in employment law. Once you are fired off your services you cannot claim anything from your employer unless you follow the proper means. To claim proper compensation or to claim justice, you need to employ an expert from an employment law firm.

The expert hired by you will guide you through the whole process of reclaiming justice. He will make you understand the entire process and what you can claim in compensation. Moreover, the expert you hire should also have proper knowledge of the employment law prevalent in the particular province. Though employment law is almost same in every province and more or less similar law code governs the companies that fall under the jurisdiction of a province; even then there are certain differences.

The highlighting factor is that the common law that governs the employment law in Canada is based on 'Federal Labor' standards. These standards make the baseline of employment law throughout the country. If there is any confusion about the provincial regulations to be followed then the federal standards are to be followed. These standards are the basics and it is like the main law related to employment and thus neither an employer nor an employee can show disregard to these laws and hence are bound to abide by them.

When you face a situation where you have lost the job and there is no valid reason or cause behind it, you are supposed to file a suit against the employer asking for the damages. However, these laws are not only to safeguard the rights of the employee, but it also safeguards the rights of the employer. Thus when an employer finds unlawful activities conducted by an employee or there is a breach of the terms and conditions that were laid down and agreed upon as part of the contract terms of employment then he can exercise his power vested by the federal labor standards and can terminate your services. The employer can also take the issue with an expert from BC law society and can move the court of law against the employee.

In addition, the severance claim also goes in vain if the employer has the upper hand. However, a person without proper knowledge of the employment law is not in a position to judge the case. And therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to employ an expert from employment law firm to put forward your point in the court of law and win justice and relevant severance from your employer.

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By Terry Jake

Why You Need An Employment Litigation Lawyer Now

Hiring an employment litigation lawyer now, even before you are facing any type of lawsuit, makes sense. As an employer, you are continuously up against ever-changing local and federal laws. You must manage the process of not only bringing people on board and keeping your company running, but also do it by the strict standard of law to ensure you do not waste your money on fines and fees.

Yet, many businesses put off hiring these professionals. When they do, they often face the consequences in the worst possible way. To avoid your business becoming a victim of a simple lawsuit, have a professional by
your side.

Hiring and Firing Rules

One of the most common times to need an employment litigation lawyer is in the process of hiring and firing employees. It goes without saying that you only want to bring in the very best staff for your organization. You may have very strict standards you want to uphold within your organization.

Keep in mind that everything from the guidebook you use to orientate your new hires to the process in which you document your termination of individuals can be very important. It is in the fine details that potential legal problems can arise. It is best to work with an attorney who can help you ensure your business is organized and meeting all legal requirements from day one.

Handling the Lawsuit with an Employment Litigation Lawyer

Someone fell and believes you did not provide insurance coverage. Someone else believes they were harassed. There are dozens of potential problems that can occur that can leave your business on the line. If you are facing any type of lawsuit right now, it is best to have the most experienced professional on your side fighting for your organization. They will be able to protect you and your company for costly legal settlements and will be able to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, keeping your best interests in mind.

An employment litigation lawyer by your side is something essential for every business owner. With tough labor laws and limited support for business, you need this type of legal support just to meet the requirements set by the government. Taking the time to find the right legal representative for your company now can ensure you protected at all times well into the future. So, make it a priority to discuss your current business operations with a qualified attorney today.

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By Abraham Avotina